EVENTS: David Wolfe Seminar in Iceland
Samsara has over the years hosted a number of lectures and conferences, with top names in health business and the Raw food movement such as Anglea Stokes Monarch, Matt Monarch and David Wolfe.  This summer David Wolfe will join us again with a lecture and a seminar on super foods, and soon we will have Dr. Robert Young. 

Samsara also holds vegetarian cooking classes and lifestyle seminars with around 2.500 participants every year.
Raw foods expert
Visit the RAW Solla website where she posts all her delicious resipes. Read about raw and healty living and how to spice up your diet with lots of love and happness.
RAWsolla Website
Icelandic Pure Foods
Learn about Icelandic foods where we selcet only the finest and pureest materials for the ultimate Icelandicnutritional experience.
IcelandPureFood Website
Himneskt products
A line of organic products we have selected exclusively for the icelandic consumer.  We only recommend the best products avalible.
Himneskt Website
Gló Restaurant
Gló is iceland first and only restaurant dedicated to raw, vegan and vegetarian cuisine.  Gló is a bistro style restaurant located near downtown Reykjavik.  
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